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The Mystery of What is Collisionable?

Its time! The latest tweet by @rahulrijhwani :



Rahul asked this question, which Iv been getting for over a month now. Lets get to know Collisionable today!

  • So, what is Collisionable?

Collisionable is a company which has one mission: build some amazingly cool products which make this world Collisionable :) We are a Pvt. Ltd. company registered in India.

  • How do we define being Collisionable?

Remember your last coffee catch up, that beer with your…

The Connected Crowd’s Wisdom: Prediction for 2014

So we have seen some pretty amazing things happen in 2013. Crowds came together and toppled regimes, they came together and funded projects around the world (aka: kickstarter), they came together and answered questions proving their expertise (aka: Quora).

Is there something still left to explore?

We believe there is! Its what can happen with the ‘wisdom of the connected crowd’. Lets look at the age old structure of people getting together to form a group, evolving into a community. Some…

Our Culture Saves: 50k Each Month

It might be a little hard to imagine, if there would really be something called a ‘culture’ in a 3 member startup. Even if there is something similar, would it really save money?

Lets talk about the culture first

At Collisionable, the one thing we are proud of and crazy about is our culture. Its who we are. It inspires everything from the product itself to how we interact with the world. From our hiring policies to the working environment.

One of…

10 Trillion and Counting?

The Vision: Accelerate Human Achievement

How: Technology exists. We are taking time to understand human psychology, motivations, experience and reactions.

Why: 3 of us, when we got together, we realized, this is what drives each one of us daily. Its about how we can create impact, such that we ‘accelerate human achievement’. Achievement is a very interesting emotion. There’s a lot written about it already.

What: we intend to build a user experience which is as simple as it can be. From…

A’s hire A’s : cut the crap!

A’s hire A’s and B’s hire C’s : cut this crap!

At Collisionable, we are 3 people. And for the sake of the world of super humans out there, you are welcome to categorize/ classify us in which ever category you wish to. A, B, C, D and so on, there are 22 more of them!

When I started the company being a one man army, I started with a mission and a strong vision. The good part is, today, every…

Money Mode OR Contribute Mode: rewards psychology

In our journey of building a social platform which facilitates collisions (network/ relationship building) between people who can add value to each other, here’s a learning which we think will be interesting for other folks out there who might be experimenting with social products.

Reward the value creator!

What is in it for them? What do they get if they really take action as you assume they will.

The above is a question which we mulled several times over. Being users/ customers…

When the World Asks, What is Collisionable?

The journey of 4.5 months, building a product, which will accelerate startup growth, we have grown ourselves. And we are grateful to every being out there, who has helped us evolve.

After raising seed money, coming back from the Silicon Valley, pitching at Plug and Play Tech Center, we’re inching close to launching Collisionable in beta.

I get calls

I get so many calls from friends, family and other folks who get to hear about Collisionable. Everyone has their own remarks. But…

CEO/ Founder’s Only Job

A  CEO/ Founder’s only jobs are to:

  • Not run out of cash
  • Invest time in the right things, take quick decisions
  • Find great talent and get working
  • Build the vision and inspire others

Startup founders will be nodding to this one. I am sure. And as easy as it is to write the above, its not exactly similar when you get onto doing it. Something or the other always seems out of place, even at times when you are a growing venture.

Its been an…

Entrepreneurs LIVE on Radio: 94.3 Radio One with Alisha & Navyug Mohnot


Everyone and everything at Collisionable is for and about startups & entrepreneurs. 100%.

We find joy, excitement, peace, love and a lot of satisfaction, when we create opportunities for entrepreneurs to showcase and get discovered. Thanks to 94.3 Radio One in Delhi, who have been open enough to create an awesome space for entrepreneurs.

We had a brilliant experience with Alisha (the awesome RJ) at Radio one Delhi studios today. The entrepreneur in focus: Navyug Mohnot, Founder CEO, QAI Global.

What a…

SHEROES Session II: Entrepreneurial Ventures

Interesting panel we have here.

  • Pearl Uppal, Founder, 5Ideas, Founders in Heels
  • Prajakt Raut, IAN and Hub for Startups
  • Ramona Miranda, Executive Coach
  • Gauri Bafna, Fleximoms Alumni


  • Pearl: its been terribly challenging and terribly exciting. There were 2 motivations: what’s the next step and why am I spending my energy at an individual level. Why don’t I challenge to do something where the satisfaction is much more!
    • One thing which happend was, as my children came along, I started resenting the structures that corporate life…