The Mystery of What is Collisionable?

Its time! The latest tweet by @rahulrijhwani :



Rahul asked this question, which Iv been getting for over a month now. Lets get to know Collisionable today!

  • So, what is Collisionable?

Collisionable is a company which has one mission: build some amazingly cool products which make this world Collisionable :) We are a Pvt. Ltd. company registered in India.

  • How do we define being Collisionable?

Remember your last coffee catch up, that beer with your pal, the without-an-agenda meeting you had with that entrepreneur friend/ mentor?

Being Collisionable is about causing more of these ‘value adding’ collisions in life. Its about connecting humans around the world and create a world of possibilities.

  • What kind of products?

DEAD SIMPLE. That’s one feature common to all of them. Web, apps, hardware! May be turn a bus stand tomorrow into a technology hub, while you wait OR an actual solution to the traffic mess growing in our cities. Anything that connects people around the world to a problem.

And how do we intend to sustain all of this? Each of our product(s) will be built with a lot of love by not just our team but co-created by users from around the world. And if there’s enough traction, we will spin them as companies, run by passionate users as entrepreneurs!

This is how we intend to put many interesting ‘dents in the universe’ as said Steve Jobs!

  • Hmmm, interesting! So what’s team Collisionable coming up with in January 2014?

Now that’s the real question!

After a lot of feedback we got from silicon valley, where we were chosen amongst 14 startups globally to pitch at plug and play and a lot of love from our users, we have built something which is the ‘foundation’ of being Collisionable!



Hashtaag is a cool way to share your passion projects with the world and get discovered by amazing people who help you overcome obstacles & make your passions come to life.

  • What are passion projects?

A passion project simply is anything that you are doing OR you intend to do in life, to make your passions come to life. Eg: you might have a passion of styling hair!

Your passion project could be: you aim to start a small salon which gives a new definition to hair styling, by putting hair health first!

  • Okay, I have many passions and ideas about what to do with them! What will Hashtaag do for me?


  1. Share your ‘passion projects’ on Hashtaag, show people a video/ presentation on your project
  2. List down the obstacles which you are facing/ OR/ you might face in future, while making your passion come to life

Your passions will get discovered by people around the world who will share their expertise and networks to help you bring your passion project to life!

  • Some really amazing people are taking time to tell us about their passions and be amongst our beta users!

You can do it too, simply share with us your passion project on THIS Google FORM.

  • Why are we doing this?

Coz, we strongly believe, there’s a lot of life to be lived in the 24 hours that each one of us has. Passions are not just for the weekends, you can make a life living them!

And who knows, many of you, might actually change the world, solve amazing problems ailing our society and so much more!

  • How will we make money?

For now, we intend to create value and truly see people living their passions. Passions which will change the world for the better!

@Rahulrijhwani thanks for the tweet mate. You made it happen!

The Connected Crowd’s Wisdom: Prediction for 2014

So we have seen some pretty amazing things happen in 2013. Crowds came together and toppled regimes, they came together and funded projects around the world (aka: kickstarter), they came together and answered questions proving their expertise (aka: Quora).

Is there something still left to explore?

We believe there is! Its what can happen with the ‘wisdom of the connected crowd’. Lets look at the age old structure of people getting together to form a group, evolving into a community. Some communities die a slow one, some keep moving along, some become massive.

Move from communities to the social structure. A world where people connect by sending friend requests and invites. Where you can reach out to someone because you loved their blog post and suddenly you guys are talking online.

So connected crowds + emerging platforms that facilitate creation through collaboration and co-creation = a lot more around us being crowd built


2014 and the connected crowds

  • We believe, many businesses will have to evolve quickly, building products/ delivering services, which are influenced by the sheer expectations built by the crowds, which are not concentrated in one geographical location.
  • Search trends are already changing with native mobile apps. We believe, a lot will now shift to crowd sourced knowledge networks like Quora.



Obviously we believe in the power of the wisdom of the crowds and hence Hashtaag! The social platform leveraging the wisdom of crowds to build passion communities around every possible topic on earth!

Here’s the early beta invite form:

Our Culture Saves: 50k Each Month

It might be a little hard to imagine, if there would really be something called a ‘culture’ in a 3 member startup. Even if there is something similar, would it really save money?

Lets talk about the culture first

At Collisionable, the one thing we are proud of and crazy about is our culture. Its who we are. It inspires everything from the product itself to how we interact with the world. From our hiring policies to the working environment.

One of the craziest examples:

We don’t intend to have an office. This is not to save money, but truly, we don’t need an office! BUT, how do you ensure people productivity, if you don’t see them daily?

That’s the magic. We work on 100% trust and ownership. Before we start working on a project/ problem/ whatever, the team involved ‘owns’ their pieces. They come back with a proposed timeline.

Every day we have a check-in and a check-out call. And that’s it. You are entrusted upon to deliver what you ‘owned’ by the time you said you will.

What when ownership fails?

That’s when we have open conversations with our people. These are conversations in which people clearly speak out their motivations and what drives them. There’s no complaining or reasoning. Either you are driven OR you’re driven by something else.

If the ‘something else’ is other than the work at Collisionable, either we create an opportunity to align OR with loads of support and wishes, we bless our people and move on.

We do this, because we believe, our people, wherever they go, will take with them the Collisionable DNA.

Culture: Saving 50k MoM

Ohh yes! Not having an office saves us quite some cash (which is crucial). Though again, culture is critical. Every 2 months, we take up part of this saving, to go out of Delhi (our HQ), for 3 days.

1 day is for roaming around the city, interact with new people, learn something very new and share with the entire team. 2 days are for the Collisionable hack. This is where each team member challenges what’s happening and re-iterates his/ her challenges and motivations in life.

But how can one drive ownership?

Interestingly, you can’t drive ownership. We strongly believe, it comes with a culture, which promotes freedom to extremes, let people take risks and drive results. If there is failure, the entire team fails.

We try and go deep into the ’cause’ and plug the gap.

At the next DOERS meetup in Delhi, we will be sharing about how we have been able to build an interesting culture, which is inspiring our people to deliver not just for the company, but for themselves, their families and the world!

10 Trillion and Counting?

The Vision: Accelerate Human Achievement

How: Technology exists. We are taking time to understand human psychology, motivations, experience and reactions.

Why: 3 of us, when we got together, we realized, this is what drives each one of us daily. Its about how we can create impact, such that we ‘accelerate human achievement’. Achievement is a very interesting emotion. There’s a lot written about it already.

What: we intend to build a user experience which is as simple as it can be. From your mum (who probably hasn’t experienced internet in all its glory yet) to your youngest sibling, who at half your age can operate the iPad, everyone should be able to just get it.

Okay, but what’s the 10 trillion which attracted you to this post?

3.14159 is a famous mathematical expression called “Pi”. A few months back someone in Japan took this crazy task to compute Pi to the farthest number computationally possible (with the set of hardware/ software limitations he had) and the result in about an years time is: 10 trillion digits!

The above is an example of how humans can set new limits and still raise the bar each time they come to doing it!

They come to doing it: welcome doers!

Our technology is for the doers. The one’s who live by missions in life and inspire others to join in and grow the tribe of like minded people who come together to take the human race forward.

Its our life mission to accelerate human achievement. Achievement of all kinds and sorts. Build a world which is self managing and self healing. A world which is inclusive and leaps forward.

We would love to hear from you: your stories of grit and determination, success and failure

Feel free to leave a comment and we’d love to catch up with you on a Skype call. Who knows what serendipity occurs?

We are looking for

We’re always looking for believers at Collisionable. For now, if you are a champion at backend and database technologies and are willing to work with a startup without a garage, write in ps(at)collisionable(dot)com!


A’s hire A’s : cut the crap!

A’s hire A’s and B’s hire C’s : cut this crap!

At Collisionable, we are 3 people. And for the sake of the world of super humans out there, you are welcome to categorize/ classify us in which ever category you wish to. A, B, C, D and so on, there are 22 more of them!

When I started the company being a one man army, I started with a mission and a strong vision. The good part is, today, every team member at Collisionable believes in the same vision. The other best part being, we as a company, believe you can have more missions in life. Infact we are glad if you have them, may be we can all work together in helping you achieve them!

We inspire our people to build missions, write milestones and challenges: we have no A’s, no B’s..

At Collisionable, we inspire our people to write their life missions and share their milestones for the next coming months with the team. The team then sees, how we all can help each other achieve our individual missions in life.

There are no A’s, B’s, C’s at Collisionable. The only letter’s we love are A, B, C, E, I, L, N, O, S : coz they form Collisionable :)

We hire if

  • people are inspired to make a far bigger impact in life, than being comfortable, earning salary from a handsome job
  • people are inspired to help others around achieve their life’s missions
  • people know their skills. eg: if you say you know code, then it means nothing else, but that you know you’re awesome at it
  • people compare themselves on the scale of the impact they create around them, than the salary they earn
  • people are honest: honesty is the only policy at Collisionable

So, if you’re still finding a letter for yourself, why not still be innovative and write a whole new letter base?

Though if you feel otherwise, we’re always looking for some really amazing people to work with.

Write to Paritosh at ps(at)collisionable(dot)com: if you’re a champion database guy. If you can write queries which can handle millions of conversations and build a faster than ever system!

Money Mode OR Contribute Mode: rewards psychology

In our journey of building a social platform which facilitates collisions (network/ relationship building) between people who can add value to each other, here’s a learning which we think will be interesting for other folks out there who might be experimenting with social products.

Reward the value creator!

What is in it for them? What do they get if they really take action as you assume they will.

The above is a question which we mulled several times over. Being users/ customers to our own platform, after answering ourselves, we reached out to people, real users.

Lesson #1: The psychology of getting rewarded socially: cash/ kind

What we learnt from the users was interesting, when we asked them, if they would be inspired to truly add value to someone in the world, if the reward was cash?

95% of the users we reached out to, clearly said no. A striking response was, I earn a fair salary. I contribute to a real platform to be part of a larger social structure, which establishes social proof. The trust hence created is far bigger than any money.

Lesson #2: Build quality and I will come, else don’t waste my time

100% of our user base clearly said: the days of random social networking are over with them. There’s way too much noise. They would like to spend quality time at places, where they feel comfortable with people who are value adding. And once a relationship is established, they would like to build groups/ communities.

Maintaining our intent of creating a great user experience, we are listening to our users. If there’s more that you would like to add w.r.t human psychology around rewards, sure we are all ears!

When the World Asks, What is Collisionable?

The journey of 4.5 months, building a product, which will accelerate startup growth, we have grown ourselves. And we are grateful to every being out there, who has helped us evolve.

After raising seed money, coming back from the Silicon Valley, pitching at Plug and Play Tech Center, we’re inching close to launching Collisionable in beta.

I get calls

I get so many calls from friends, family and other folks who get to hear about Collisionable. Everyone has their own remarks. But they all have a common question: what is Collisionable?

Before my answer, here’s a little sneek into our world

The entrepreneurial journey has been a humbling one. We have faced outright rejections. Many 9-5 jacks of many trades have given us free advice with loaded sentences. Many have made statements as if they are Bruce Almighty.

And we have been amongst the 14 startups to be part of the Technology2Market Accelerator batch chosen to demo at Silicon Valley, out of the 24 chosen initially.

Now, let me tell you what’s Collisionable

Its a way of life for everyone in the team. Its what inspired us to leave our 9-5 routine and jump in without a salary. Its what drives us to make our families understand why we think its a great opportunity and the best time to be working on it. Its what makes us have fun, enjoy, even while being tense about the bank in the next 6 months.

Collisionable, is about startups. Its about those amazing people who start-up. Who leave those salaries, that comfort and get into a small room/ garage/ dorm and build something. Its about people who give their lives to a dream/ dreams. Its about the one’s who dare, who don’t sleep for nights at end. For some, who have to adjust with their families. For some who have to take up some kind of employment to keep it working.

Collisionable is a social platform, which intends to do 2 simple things for start-ups:

  1. Build and Capture Social Proof
  2. Build and Capture Growth Signals

And of-course, by the virtue of being Collisionable, the start-up ecosystem comes together to help, accelerate start-up growth!

Its the stuff which creates people who change things around. Good/ Bad/ Ugly, the world gives them names, but they do what they do and move on. I remember in one of the TiE Leadership session I used to host, @VSS (Vijay Shekhar Sharma) of One97, the man almost was misty eyed remembering his days from Aligarh to Delhi and how he’s proud to own that watch and what he rides today (context is not materialistic, but the doer attitude).

I am not related to @VSS that Iv mentioned him here. Just that he’s been one of the silent teachers, who Iv learnt from. There are so many similar stories, Iv been lucky to know. (Zappos, Make My Trip, QAI…) and more.

Its passion, grit, determination, we’re a Startup ourselves

We’re a startup ourselves. We go through every bit of pain and challenges daily, which a startup goes through. This is one of the ways we are building the platform. We haven’t taken a salary back home sine 4.5 months. We have a few more months of cash in the bank and yes we don’t sleep for nights at end.

We have worked from hospital basements, when one of our team members’ relative was hospitalized. We have slept at 5am only to get up at 5:30 and start the next day again!

And we are building. Our gratitude for all the inspiration! Go Startup!

*I here, is the Founder, Collisionable

CEO/ Founder’s Only Job

A  CEO/ Founder’s only jobs are to:

  • Not run out of cash
  • Invest time in the right things, take quick decisions
  • Find great talent and get working
  • Build the vision and inspire others

Startup founders will be nodding to this one. I am sure. And as easy as it is to write the above, its not exactly similar when you get onto doing it. Something or the other always seems out of place, even at times when you are a growing venture.

Its been an interesting 4 months running Collisionable. Today we are at Berkeley, CA, as part of the Intel Global Challenge.

This post is for folks who are in between their seed and angel rounds/ some might be in between seed and series A. And as always this is not a piece of theory, we’re in the similar phase and are sharing learnings.

Not run out of cash

  • Salary:

If this means, the core team not taking salary for 6-12 months, well, so be it. None of us have taken a penny in salary since 4 months. Even after raising seed money.

  • Product development

Not every venture can afford a full time ‘A’ team. Many startups lose a lot of time in just finding the right people. Time is money, please remember. If you have to outsource product development at a lesser cost to first get the product out, do that. Ensure that you don’t work with a vendor, infact you make them part of your extended team.

  • Infrastructure

For as long as you can crash into each other houses/ garages/ smaller spaces, do that. All you need is the internet right? Even for hardware startups, you can avail of small spaces, which cost way less than the fluffy shiny one’s.

Invest time in the right things/ take quick decisions

  • Getting incubated

If you’re planning to enrol into an incubator/ accelerator. See the value they add to you. NEVER get attracted to the star factor that they bring on the table. They might have the best of the mentors with them, but how much time will those mentors spend with you, get that clear. When you must choose the right people to work with you, this applies to your mentors/ advisors/ investors and everyone else.

  • Strategy

Yes, its not just that weekly meeting that you do. Strategy is important. As the CEO, that’s your role. To steer the company in the right direction. Create a structure with your advisors/ mentors/ investors to create clear strategic roadmap for your company. You must be the confident guy who knows what he is talking about and not someone who’d pull it out from thin air.

Find great talent and get working

  • Yeah sure! Only if it was that easy. But it has to be done, whatever it takes. People make businesses or break them. Simple.

You might not get the best of the people out there on day 1, not even on day 100. Though you must get out of your seat, start checking relevant people out on Linkedin, facebook and reach out to them. Invite them over for a coffee/ beer. Get chatting. Share your vision.

And be straight up. You have equity to share and not a lot of salary. If they are up for it, great! If they are not, then you need to move onto somebody else. Don’t waste time.

  • Acquire

One of the interesting ways of this world are. If you can’t find a great team. FIND a great team and acquire. If your idea has merit and you have shown determination, finding investors to put in money to acquire a team of cool technology guys etc. won’t be the toughest deal in the world. At least you have a clear head up there. And you can tell investors what you are unto.

Build vision

  • Not just that big statement to be written on the presentation, but an actual vision. Something that you are passionate about.

That problem that you are solving, which truly keeps you up and awake all night. It will evolve. Don’t be too stuck to yourself/ the idea. Be open. Be open to evolution/ change/ ideas.

Engage. Its crucial for you to engage people in your vision. You don’t have to hard-sell. It happens. Move on quickly and don’t waste time. You can’t enrol everyone into everything that you say.

At Collisionable, we are doing many and at times, all of the things we have shared above. Would love to hear from fellow founders, how they tackle and evolve!

Keep being Collisionable!

Entrepreneurs LIVE on Radio: 94.3 Radio One with Alisha & Navyug Mohnot


Everyone and everything at Collisionable is for and about startups & entrepreneurs. 100%.

We find joy, excitement, peace, love and a lot of satisfaction, when we create opportunities for entrepreneurs to showcase and get discovered. Thanks to 94.3 Radio One in Delhi, who have been open enough to create an awesome space for entrepreneurs.

We had a brilliant experience with Alisha (the awesome RJ) at Radio one Delhi studios today. The entrepreneur in focus: Navyug Mohnot, Founder CEO, QAI Global.

What a show with Alisha making it all so comfortable and amazing. You must listen to her LIVE (on radio and off it). She’s got a beautiful, amazingly energetic voice.

We will be hosting the recording of the show in the next couple of hours! Till then, here are a few pictures:

Alisha, Radio One

Navyug Mohnot, Radio One


We will keep creating more opportunities for entrepreneurs from all walks of life, that’s the philosophy of being #Collisionable :)

You can reach out to us with your story at facebook Or on twitter #iamCollisionable

SHEROES Session II: Entrepreneurial Ventures

Interesting panel we have here.

  • Pearl Uppal, Founder, 5Ideas, Founders in Heels
  • Prajakt Raut, IAN and Hub for Startups
  • Ramona Miranda, Executive Coach
  • Gauri Bafna, Fleximoms Alumni


  • Pearl: its been terribly challenging and terribly exciting. There were 2 motivations: what’s the next step and why am I spending my energy at an individual level. Why don’t I challenge to do something where the satisfaction is much more!
    • One thing which happend was, as my children came along, I started resenting the structures that corporate life brought along. Eg: flexi is a great concept today, but a few years back it was not there. I started saying, I wanted to do more. Entrepreneruship gives you that opportunity!
  • Gauri: bio chemistry – HR – baking, wow, what a journey! The only reason Is tarted baking was for my family. But again, entrepreneurship came much later. I decided to be a mother before.
    • We love how clear Gauri is. Simply brilliant. She has it figured out for herself. Proud of you Gauri!
  • Ramona: I have 2 sons. We started this company about an year back. Its not about where your kids are. Its about where you are. Are you willing to take the challenge of building those 2 leaders at home and if you have that additional capacity to build the leaders at your workplace. It has to start with me. Am I wiling to say that I don’t have a support system, but Im going to get there.
  • Prajakt: there are 2 ways of looking at it. There is this large opportunity, which is I want to do something, which is my area of passion and I want to startup and be an entrepreneur. The current environment, there is a much more enabling environment. About 10 years back, it sure was tough.
    • Today because the cost of setting up the business has gone down so significantly, its literally possible for most of us to start doing something. Entrepreneurship out of choice is now available to each and every one of us.
  • Pearl: be honest with yourself. Having an equal partner at home is an absolute must. I did not let go of all the other things, while I am enjoying my mother-hood. It all goes in parallel.
  • Gauri: only when I started I realized, that people really need it. Its not really such a huge challenge to startup and grow.
  • Prajakt: in India all of us, have much lower aspirations (men and women both). Though with women entrepreneurs the scale of aspiration was narrowed down drastically, which is not true. Whether you do a 1 crore company Or you do a 10x company, it does not have to be dependent on how much time you are committing to it. When you are starting up, it does not help, if you say, let me start small and let me see how it works out. Take a very clear view of what size of the market really is and when you know this is where I can possibly be in 2-3 years, then start planning out. Backtrack.
  • Ramona: one question that I ask myself is, where does my core talent lie? Then I look at the market and how one can tap into the niche. How innovative can you make your products, solutions or services. You’ve gotta ask yourself the question that how will your company provide a real value add to your customers? As an entrepreneur, you must AIM high. According to a survey, women leaders in India DO NOT suffer from aspirational deficit. The question that you must ask yourself is what’s stopping you?
  • Pearl: if you are able to articulate your goals and priorities and be true to yourself.
    • we love what Pearl said. If you have ambition, don’t dull yourself. But if you don’t have it, then don’t lie to yourself. Self actualize as a mother, be a good wife and build a life. Its okay to just be 100% true to yourself. Brilliant stuff Pearl!
  • Gauri: you mus tknow what you have left behind, it does not matter. You must jut have the courage to move on. I started working on what I need to do to get into professional baking and I took it further.
  • Prajakt: i really don’t think there’s a difference between men and women in the resources they have etc. I think the opportunities are accessible to everyone. I don’t think the investors or service providers discriminate one way or the other. When we get plans, we see many people who keep mulling over their plans and they don’t do anything about it. But I also think, an equally big reason to not start-up, what if I fail? As a society we have become a lot more tolerant and accepting.
    • Brilliant stuff Prajakt. Collisionable is my second venture, after the first one failed. And I so agree to you. Resources are all common for everyone.
  • Ramona: I think, walking into the coaching space, the one thing I’d say, is get yourself a coach. Get yourself that mentor. one question that I ask myself : why do you wanna’ make this transition? How is it going to help you as a leader? Where does your talent really lie? Can you work on your most passionate/ core talent and earn money? There’s a lot many people who will tell you a lot many things. So said people to me as well. Its about how you wanna’ see yourself. How do you dull the voices around you such that you hear yourself clearly. One of my biggest successes, I have my husband at my side. When Iv had to move my career, he’s been ever willing to move. And we moved.
  • Pearl: people who understood me, kind of figured it out, as to what I wanted to do with my career. I always tell my female friends if you think big, you will make a big impact. The entire environment will start supporting you. because ultimately you are delivering an economic benefit to that society. They will support you.
  • Prajakt: one of the biggest mistake most entrepreneurs do is to confuse between an idea and a business. A business has to be built around it. You need to understand the complexity of the business. You must understand the dynamics. Fundamentally the structure of the business, that’s what you need to understand.
  • Ramona: you must position yourself different by being absolutely honest with yourself. If you haven’t positioned your business people are not going to come and ask you. That’s been my biggest learning.
  • Prajakt/ Gauri: a business plan is not about your excel sheets. At some stage you should be able to read those excel sheets and balance sheets. But when you are only starting up, the excel sheet should be the last thing you should be looking at. Start looking at broad numbers around what you are looking to do. Once you start with the entire planning process, then you involve someone who’s a professional!
  • Gauri: It just stresses me out. I cannot work with numbers. for me its a one many army for now. I am just about an year old in my work. I am now looking at formalizing my whole setup.
  • Pearl: the fund that I run, does not have a gender bias. When we put the filters on what it takes to build a high growth company, we have seen women founded businesses in India are still not there yet. We run an early stage capital fund. We see businesses in the tech sector. They are largely internet and mobile based. One part is that we have seen very few business plans, but even when we meet women, the vision is too small. Networks are highly important. The vision does not require venture capital.

Interesting Opportunity for women entrepreneurs: Prajakt is looking for 2-3 women entrepreneurs to nurture to the next level. Reach out to Sairee and Prajakt!

And we break into lunch now… catch you on the other side!

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